Royal Ceramica is a major player in the ceramic tiles industry in Egypt. We are one of the top 3 brands in the local market and we enjoy a high market share growth of about 30% of the A&B social segments in Egypt limited to our capacity and compared to the other players. Our products are highly in demand nationwide and we have strong retail presence through our agents and El Sallab Group showrooms.

Royal Ceramica started its export activities in late 2006. Our top quality and reasonably priced products made us earn our customers’ trust. Over the years, we managed to build a strong relationship with all of our agents and grow their number worldwide.We are very cautious in choosing our agents in every country to guarantee high brand recognition, availability of products, and high level of customer service.

We are persistent in providing the local market with 60% of our overall capacity despite the high demand for our ranges. We have active presence in many markets in the MEA region with extensive brand diversity from Morocco, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE & Qatar. We also have presence in Europe in Greece, Romania, Spain and Czech Republic. We grow every year with our agents and enjoy our success together. We follow a very strict policy in adding agents to our agents list, this is to ensure providing our customers the highest level of services, which is necessary for the export volume that has currently reached a production capacity exceeding 5,000,000 sqm/year.
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